I am a book person. I love to read. My favorite is finding a good book that sucks me in and I can spend hours… whole weekends wrapped up in a delicious story or philosophy that captures my imagination.

I also love to learn. Reading gives an insight into others’ perspectives and world views. From books to blogs to newspaper articles. When it comes to authors who have impacted me, there are no shortage of candidates to choose from.

There’s the blogger, Kris Dunn, whose blog “The HR Capitolist” taught me the backbone of everything I needed to know when…

Tears at a Coffee Shop

Over the last twelve years, coffee shops have been a place of refuge. It started with Starbucks, meeting a friend to pray there nearly everyday during a two year rough patch. I found myself there on weekend evenings as well- a nice place to read books, alone but with other people around.

The beautiful thing about Starbucks is that they’re the same everywhere. Moving back home to Portland, I was grateful for the home away from home I found at Starbucks. The only thing that didn’t change other than the Good Lord Himself. Starbucks continued…

Posted in 2016, “Klickitat River” from Native Fish Society, accessed July 17th, 2021

No one likes to be bad at something. It makes us feel stupid and we feel self-conscious. The problem is you can’t learn a new skill without going through “the beginner phase”. And generally in “the beginner phase,” you’re not good at the thing.

I like to try something new every other year or so to keep myself humble and to explore all the fun ways of living out there. A few years ago, it was Cyclocross. Last year (when I say last year, I mean 2019…) it was West Coast Swing. This year, it’s white water kayaking.

White water…

“People I Admire” Photo Credit: Daniel Strain

#1 People Who Honor My Space

These people are there through the thick and thin. They lean in when the relationship gets rocky. They bring up issues and go through the process of letting the muck come up and slim all over everything, clean it up together and move forward with a deeper relationship as a result. I know I can trust them to let it go and move forward with involving other people. They bring laughter in hard and fun moments alike because there is so much shared experience and knowing that has taken place over time.

People that…

Time seems to move quickly. Monday starts the grind and suddenly it’s Friday. A month flies by. We’re celebrating a new year. Often life is ruled by the tyranny of the urgent.

Amidst the rush and hustle, there are a few moments that I love the most. Habits I’ve cultivated to ensure the things that bring me the most joy are amongst the building blocks that make up my life, that make up me.

Morning Reading

My absolute favorite part of the day are the moments right after my alarm clock goes off. I take 10 minutes to wake up…

The other day as I worked from my home office set up, the sun came out and the day started to heat up. I opened the window to let some air in and enjoyed listening to the quiet noises of the neighborhood- the birds chirping, squirrels antagonizing the birds, the gentle music of wind chimes rustling in the breeze.

Window. Photo credit to the author.

I noticed a fly sitting on the screen- a beefy black fly, the kind that you hate to see around the house because it probably means something crawled under the house and died.

This fly caught my attention because it seemed…

The immediate and most obvious people from my childhood who shaped how I live now are my parents and three younger sisters. I have lived in the same city and worked with most of them for the past 10 years, so I’ve had ample opportunity to reflect on the blessings and disfunctions of how my upbringing has impacted me as an adult.

For the purpose of this prompt, I’m going to set them aside and consider the three people outside of my family who have shaped how I live now.

Tualatin Hills Swim Center, Photo Credit: Author
  1. Swim Coach #1

The clear winners that stand out in…

Photo Credit: Author

This prompt is deeper and heavier than it probably would be in just about any other year. How to unpack 2020? How to think about 2021? What am I doing? How am I shaped?

The primary thing that interrupts all memories of 2020 is COVID-19. I sat down and wrote 4 pages about walking through the pandemic before I realized that a better audience for this content is probably my counselor, not the general public. Here goes round two…

It’s impossible to think of things that happened in 2020 without reflecting on COVID-19. In the first weeks of 2020, we…

Prompt: If you could have dinner with any three people, who would they be and why?

Photo Credit: Author. Remnants of a shared meal

Thinking about who I would like to have dinner with is an interesting question. I got to ask myself that question a couple years ago when I got lucky one night at an auction. As a last minute invite to replace my boss’s wife who couldn’t attend, I wasn’t the ideal candidate to attend an auction. Even the fresh baked batch of local bakery cookies in the silent auction went for more than was within my budget.

In order to contribute to the cause, I purchased a raffle ticket. Turned out to be a good move. My lucky ticket was…

Since the beginning of the pandemic, I’ve enjoyed a fiction kick to make the most of the limitations of the times. Most recently, I re-watched the Hunger Games. Books are always better, but it’s a long series. This particular series seemed important in light of the tensions around racial injustice and the conversations taking place on social media.

On social media and in personal dialogues, I observe a significant disconnect in perspectives. Two people observe the same event and have entirely different narratives. In some cases, the story heard by the two people include different facts and different versions of…

Anne Liggett

Sister, Auntie, friend, HR enthusiast by day, using writing to make sense of this journey called life.

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